Friday, April 8, 2011


I know I'm skipping stuff, and I'll have to post more later that's out of order. But I'm just going to post the pictures and videos that are easiest to find because I'm lazy. :)

Family Home Evening last week. (Dani - there's a shout out to James)

You can tell we are not afraid of getting dirty in this family:

At least she helps clean up:

Lately I've been hosting a few play groups every couple of weeks. This last one I did was on April Fools Day, so we had a "silly" theme. I sent out Christmas e-vites, and we dressed up silly. We ate inside-out sandwiches (cheese on the outside, bread on the inside) and apples cut into funny shapes. Then we talked about how April Fools Day started, and how in France they try to stick a paper fish on someone's back without them noticing, and then they point and say "April Fish!" when they find it. So we decorated paper fish. It was a fun day:

I think mommy's silliest of all.

More signing:

My mom tells me that when I was a little girl, and they'd ask if they should have more kids, I would say, "No! I'm the baby!" I wonder if I'm gonna have a similar problem...

By the way, she climbed into these by herself. I was pulling baby stuff out of the garage, turned around, and there she was just happy as a clam. It was pretty adorable.

Fun with bubbles: