Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Presents!

Sure, birthdays are fun. And birthday cake is yummy. But what's even better?


Here's V with her present from nana and papa. You can't tell, but she's saying "Thanks, nana" telephathically.

"Oh, toy, I love you so much!!!"

That thing is fabulous. It has so many bells and whistles it's sure to distract her when I plop her down in front of it so I can finally get something done!

We also got a package from grandma, grandpa, and grandmere. Vivi's favorite part? The box of popcorn. Please notice the pile of presents untouched off to the side:

Try as I might, I couldn't take her attention away from the box of popcorn. So I decided to embrace that and poured it all into a shallower box that she could sit and play in. She loved it:


I cut off the lid sides, and it is now a "sandbox" in Vivi's room, which she plays in every day. As for the actual toys, we've been pulling out one every few days so she has one new thing to focus on at a time. She loves them and is getting pretty good at fitting a triangle into a triangle hole on one of the gifts. But I'm getting a little tired of hearing "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain" from the barn toy on the fridge -- which has one button she won't stop pushing. All day. She LOVES it. But as hard as she tries, she can't match the front and back of the same animal. We'll work on that.

I'm adding this picture in here just so you can see how darn cute she is in pigtails. Plus, I want you to see how daddy babysits:

And I'll throw in some pictures from our last FHE to the town park before it got too cold.

This one I'm adding just because I love her little butt ruffles (Thanks Aunt Gale!):

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Genevieve is one year old!

My little baby turned one on October 1st. Oh, how the time as flown. It seems like only yesterday we were still with her in the hospital. I don't miss that.

Besides, she's so cute NOW!

Before we look at all the birthday celebration stuff, let's admire her handiwork when she found mommy's lipstick. It's kind of amazing that she knew where to put it:

Genevieve's birthday wasn't the best of days, but she didn't care. She got cake! She didn't eat much of it because she was so busy playing with it:

Vivi got bubbles for her birthday. Let's compare enthusiasms, shall we?

But she finally caught on to the fun of it:

We also have lots of fun pictures of V playing with her gifts from grandma, grandpa, nana, papa, and grandmere. I'll wait a few days to post those because I don't want this post to get too long. And I'm bored of waiting for the videos to upload and process. But they're very cute, so check back in a few days!