Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm going crazy

My hormones are a little out of control lately. Today I watched Julie and Julia and cried 1) when Eric gave Julie pearls for her birthday, 2) when Julia found out Dorothy was pregnant, and 3) at the end, when Julie says, "I love you, Julia." This was not getting a little choked up. This was full on tears with Vivi shaking in my arms. And those of you who have seen this movie know that these are RIDICULOUS things to cry about. 3 times.

OK, that's it. Now for your viewing pleasure:

My spoiled, spoiled puppy

My beauty, playing with her favorite toy -- a spatula.

Daddy loves introducing her to new foods before he's supposed to. Here's her favorite new lollipop

And my favorite

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home again

We got back from TX on Sunday. Why is it that you're always more tired at the end of a vacation than when you left? We had a GREAT time, and I already miss the Williams and the Crests, and Vivi misses Allie. More on the trip when I get pictures from them to post.

For now, enjoy watching what happened when we came HOME from the trip. Vivi was very excited to be out of her carseat!