Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saint Louis Videos

Finally, more videos of my gorgeous girl.

This one is my favorite. We call it "The Aww Game." She just kind of picked it up on her own and LOVES it. How does it work? Just watch:

So. Many. Buttons.

One quick close up. Just 'cause it's cute.

V LOVES water. But hates pools. We think it's because they're cold. And yes, I know my baby is chunky. I love it.

This one's fuzzy because I had the video on the wrong setting. I was very sad because it's so cute. So I'm posting it anyway. She's pretty good on the telephone, isn't she?

Water spouts:

Playing in a fountain:

The magic house had this awesome slide. It was kind of squishy, so V could sort of stick to it and climb it all by herself. Then she even liked going down by herself! This video is the tail end of her climbing it. I tried to move so you could see her face after going down, but I blocked it. She was beaming.

The first video is my favorite. Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saint Louis Pictures

Ryan had management training in Saint Louis last week, so we bought an extra ticket and V and I went with him. We had so much fun! Ryan's family drove down from Chicago, and we played in the city. I've got a lot of photos and videos, but this post will just be photos. I'll do the videos later. I realized as I looked through the pictures that they're pretty much all just Genevieve. But that's all you want to see anyway, right?

Also, I'm about to buy a Stage 2 carseat for V. Anyone have good recommendations for features or a model I should look for?

The Saint Louis zoo was AMAZING. It's my new favorite zoo, and we didn't even see half of it. Here's V in the children's area, playing with the water spouts. She LOVED it:

REALLY loved it:

Here's Vivi playing in the dirt and bark outside our hotel room. She loves getting messy:

We went to the most amazing children's museum, called the Magic House. I would have LOVED it as a kid. Here's Vivi playing in the water area:

Blake, Ethan, and V in the sand area:

My beautiful girl:

Public nudity (she rolled around in the dirt a bit and needed to clean off):

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Big Girl

This was back in July, but I couldn't post it. She's so big!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Very well, thank you.

V's favorite pastime:

More to come. Yay!


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