Thursday, May 28, 2009

You and Your Census Worker

As many of you know, I have been working for the census bureau this summer doing address verification for next year's census. It's been quite the experience.

Here's the deal, people. First, if you receive mail at your house next year, you should get a form in the mail. FILL IT OUT AND MAIL IT. Then no one has to bother to drive to your house and ask you questions when you'd rather be watching something on Hulu. IF you don't get mail at your house, or for some reason you don't mail in your form, BE NICE TO THE CENSUS WORKER. He/she hates her job more than you hate her for doing her job, and she's just the messenger anyway. If you don't believe in the census, tell her so politely and shut the door (I'm using female pronouns b/c 90% of the workers in our area are women). No guns, no swearing, no dogs foaming at the mouth -- please.

I've learned a lot so far on this job -- like the fact that there are a lot of kind and trusting people out there. I was offered water for myself and my dog on hot days, I stayed and chatted with some people about what it's like to be new to the area, and I left some homes feeling a strong sense of faith in humanity. Then there were the other houses -- the ones with "No trespassing or I'll shoot your f*ing head off" signs (and we're supposed to ignore those). I've been bit by a dog. I've been sworn at and shooed off property. I've stood ignored at doorways where I KNOW people are home b/c I can hear the TV, when all I want to know is if that house is # 350 or 352.

I've learned I need to update my cell phone with some local numbers. One day my car got stuck in the mud (yes, I live in the country), and I had to walk 4 miles home in the rain because Ryan was on a scouting trip and I had no Paonia numbers in my phone. I even had to pee in the woods -- all you who have been pregnant will understand.

I've learned that materialism is relative. I've been to multimillion dollar ranches and shacks in the woods, and if I were to tell the owners of the latter that they're poor, I don't think they'd believe me. *Start singing "The Best Things in Life Are Free" here. It's been good for me to step back and realize that my definition of needs was inappropriate. Well, it still is. I need a dishwasher.

And last but not least, I've learned that maybe SUVs aren't the spawn of satan after all. I could really use some higher clearance and four wheel drive out here!

In conclusion, be nice to your census workers. They've been through a lot!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our car

On our way to our baby appt a week ago, Ryan and I got in a car accident. We were stopped at a red light on Hwy 50 and got rear-ended. The other driver said he just wasn't paying attention. We heard his brakes squeek about a second before impact. Luckily, no one was going through the intersection because we just rolled right through it -- I was freaking out and Ryan was leaning over asking if I was ok. And then for the next hour and a half I kept crying and Ryan handled everything. I'd like to blame that on the pregnancy, but it probably would have gone down that way anyway.

Our car has been pronounced a total loss -- it was only four months old. Now we're looking for another car. Anyone have any leads/suggestions?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our baby appt

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!

Ryan and I are very excited. Yay for pink!

Oh, and we got rear-ended on our way to our doctor's appointment. Ryan and I have some wicked whiplash, but besides that we're all ok, including our baby girl. Our doctor was so nice. We were supposed to be his last appointment of the day, but when we called and told him what happened he waited almost an extra hour to see us and check on the baby. And one of the nurses gave us a ride to the rental car place.

We're in Denver right now, so I'll update with more info on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Family

Goodness it's been uh, quite a while since Ryan and I have taken a picture together. Guess we should get on that, huh? -->

This is our dog Toby. He's about 1 year old, and we've had him for about 8 months. He misses the snow somethin' fierce.

This of course is baby girl or baby boy Sweetwood. We find out on Monday. Eek!

And then of course, there's our chickens. We don't have any pictures yet that don't include the dead ones still, so I'll get on that. :)

Peer Pressure

Well, now that we're going to have a baby, I guess the next requirement is setting up a blog. So here we go!