Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maggie's awake!

Maggie's starting to wake up for more of the day, so I finally got some pictures of her awake!

Here are some recent photos:

Check out what I found Genevieve doing. Now, you might look at this and think, "Yuk. She let her keep doing that while she went to take a picture?"


Beautiful girl:

Margaret Joan and Margaret Joan:

"Look, mommy, I found a pocket!"

Dancing Queen:


Laura said...

She's adorable! (Actually, they both are. . .)

Dani said...

That little outfit she's wearing while she's dancing is adorable Holly. Also, that baby is alive! I can't wait to meet her. How is it possible that she also looks like Ryan but she looks different from V?

The Patterson's said...

I can't say enough about all these pics. Time is flying by. The girls are gorgeous. I am so jealous that most of the family is going to be with you guys soon. Hope you guys have so much fun. Love you and miss you so much! By the way I don't think she looks like Ryan but who does she look like?

Julie said...

Holly, I miss your babies. just saying.