Monday, May 16, 2011

Margaret Joan Sweetwood

Our little Maggie was born on Easter. Compared to how Genevieve was as a newborn, Maggie has been a little angel. The delivery went well, and the recovery was 26 times easier than last time. My mother came for 2 weeks, my dad came for almost a week, and my mother-in-law is here until Tuesday. I've had so much help, and it's been great! My insanely long to-do list is now sanely long because I've had time to work on it, and Vivi has had lots of play buddies to help her adjust to mommy's new distraction.

Here are some pictures:

Vivi loves kissing Maggie:

Oh yeah, that's a good face:

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Liz and Peter said...

Congrats! Your family is beautiful :-)