Sunday, May 22, 2011

More stuff

And now, for all of the random extra stuff I have:

Isn't this picture sweet?

And isn't this picture beautiful?

I MADE this dress! It's my first sewing project I've ever done by myself.

My Maggie.

There were never such devoted sisters...

Genevieve unwrapped that cadbury egg WAY too quickly.

This is in the middle of Genevieve signing "baby," for her baby sister.

Dark hair

Maggie and grandma

Daddy daughter #1

Daddy daughter #2

Gorgeous Genevieve

Yes, she still has beautiful eyelashes

Vivi's new shopping cart. She LOVES this thing. When she took it to the grocery store, two employees stopped to take her picture:

Look for "Sony Bravia paint" on YouTube. Your kids will LOVE it:

Yes, this hot tub was in my hospital room. It rocked:


Sabs said...

both your girls are just darling!!!

Dani said...

You have pretty babies.